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We offer classical art classes children of all ages. We bring the classroom to you.

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Book an ART Bus Party
We will come out to your location to host a party on our Bus. Be the first in your area to have an ART BUS Party.

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The ART Bus Programs
  • Classical Art Education
  • Birthday Parties
  • School Visits
  • Franchise

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Art education is proven to stimulate the mind and develop imagination and critical thinking, all vital skills for the future success of our children.  As budgets tighten, art programs, teachers and supplies are cut first.  We created the ART Bus as an answer to this.  The ART Bus’ specially designed programs provide opportunities for students to explore all dimensions of art.

The ART Bus

Whether you choose to sign up for a class, book a party or find us in the community, you will now be able to easily provide the knowledge and skills that will allow your child to overflow with creativity as their mind develops, painting them a brighter future.