About Us

Our goal with the ART Bus is to provide unique art opportunities for children. Our top priorities are: educating students in art, giving hands on experiences in a wide range of mediums, and building lifelong love and appreciation for art.

The ART Bus is a classroom right on the bus! The students will step into a mobile learning space full of supplies aimed at sparking their creative natural instincts. With the best possible equipment and materials, the ART Bus is revolutionary in the way art is brought to children.

The ART Bus offers a dynamic and ever-changing program. We, at the ART Bus, know that art education helps children learn by promoting personal creativity, self-discipline, and lifelong skills and self-esteem needed for their future endeavors and throughout life. We are committed to providing a full spectrum of art education and mediums for each child to explore their full range of originality and imagination. In a day and age when schools are overworked and underfunded, we strive to work hand in hand with the schools and parents to provide the support they need to allow opportunities for students to receive the same quality education always provided in the past.